OmiseGO’s First Mainnet Transaction : ethereum

A good explanation from gamedazed from r/omise_go.. The network is not live yet, but has made a significant milestone it seems.

"Sorry I just now got around to looking at my phone, this is significant indeed! The deployment is on the mainnet, the proof of authority Plasma chain made a transaction against a network with real miners behind every validation and it went perfectly through the Plasma network, a transfer to another Plasma address and back onto the root chain. What’s more, we got a timeline for the audit to complete, and the very premise of the mainnet private state was vocalized as the ongoing effort of the audit; hence we have a timeline for PoA.

Congratulations everyone, and great work team. PoA phase is within grasp, it seems to me."

Nice summary, gamedazed.

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OmiseGO’s First Mainnet Transaction : ethereum OmiseGO’s First Mainnet Transaction : ethereum Reviewed by Crypto Currency on December 26, 2019 Rating: 5

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