Jeffrey Wilcke, the co-founder and main developer of the second-largest crypto coin, Ethereum (ETH), on December 25th, has allegedly sent 11,500,000 USD (92,000 ETH) to Kraken, a US-based cryptocurrency exchange company.

According to the crypto news outlet, Cointelegraph, the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, might be planning to sell Ethereum coins worth 25,000,000 USD. However, Wilcke wrote a tweet that claims something different. In his tweet, Jeffrey Wilcke stated that he only needed money for a game that he created and he also mentioned that nothing goes unnoticed in the crypto community.

In addition to Ether, Wilcke is also apparently the co-founder of a racing video game company, Grid Games. He claimed that the money was needed for funding a new game.

Apart from Jeff’s tweets, it was shown that he had transferred 90,000 Ethers to the account of the Kraken exchange. A similar thing had happened in January 2016, when an account of Ethereum developers sent more than 400,000 Ether coins to a different address. From this time, this account had been moving funds to different accounts, yet, the movement stopped on the same day, December 25.

Even though this Ethereum address still has over 27,000,000 USD worth of coins, 90,000 crypto coins were moved to the account owned by the Kraken crypto exchange. A device that monitors and scans Ethereum transactions showed that the transfer was done from the same account that was involved in the transaction of January 2016.

In advance of Jeff Wilcke sending the coins to Kraken, Buterin revealed during a Podcast a couple of days ago that from selling 100,000,000 USD worth of Ether coins, the Ethereum Foundation made some good money during the all-time high of the coin in 2018.


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